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Vision Statement


Zionism is a work in progress, though abashed and equivocal, for example in its contradictions with, of all law, Judaic law. You could say its crimes against humanity are legion and unforgivable. Given its liabilities, the Jewish National Fund (that is, its ideas, technical knowhow, offices, fundraising infrastructure, and its very brand) is at the service of the Palestinian people. More broadly, as we review its condemnable methods through our house journal, we immediately leverage its IP to highlight such violations taking place elsewhere in the world.


Working entirely in polarity with Zionism is itself genocidal, not only because polarities are often stable and ongoing, and not only because it is intended to eviscerate a cultural sensibility. That is the objective of political ideologues who use this conflict as a pastime, for their own agendas and prejudices, but it is untenable for Palestinians on the front line.


As we annul the JNF Covenant (of land held in perpetuity for Jews), we nevertheless deny all private claims on moral grounds, the land remaining for the public benefit, a place of refuge, asylum, rehabilitation etc. The repatriation of refugees should not be of demographic concern. While JNF offices have proved inefficient in the marketing of aliyah, we could attract millions of objectional Jews to port at Gaza with innovative citizenship plans. In relation to the refugees, we will raise funds for their rehabilitation through our offices around the world. Redistribution by zakat from the Muslim world will be administered by the Jewish National Fund of Palestine.



Organisational Structure






JNF News is a dormant company registered with Companies House in London. It is the international media arm of the worldwide offices of JNF and KKL.


Our house journal is Transactions of the Jewish National Fund. For further information about our journal, please go here.


Mortaza Sahibzada is director of JNF News and editor of Trans JNF (info@jnf.news). He is also CEO at JNF HQ on the Gaza Strip.