Transactions of the Jewish National Fund

Crime at the intersection of colonialism, supremacism and environmentalism




Transactions of the Jewish National Fund is a record of environmentalism and other good works as justification for the subjugation of native peoples, especially in the context of the ongoing colonisation of Palestine. We are concerned with the programme of green supremacist violence in its effort to root out the Palestinian people, to supplant them with segregated Jewish settlements, and to bury the evidence under the camouflage of forestry and sustainability. Elsewhere, in current forms of colonialism in the second and third worlds, as well as in the history of empire, we want to know about similar applications of environmentalism and good works.




Beneath the shield of charity, the JNF is an organized, supranational, criminal operation for Jewish colonialism and supremacism. We aim to delineate the criminal nature of the JNF and to reframe its operation in terms of international conventions on terrorism, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. This is a call for papers and other communications.




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Managing editor: Mortaza Sahibzada

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Deadline: 22 Sept 2021

First issue: Autumn 2021

ISSN: 2752-7816