Letters to David Cameron



(1)    Letter to David Cameron on 4 July 2010


(2)    Letter to David Cameron on 15 May 2011




4 July 2010


David Cameron

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA


Dear Prime Minister,


In relation to the JNF and National Security


We are writing to you in your capacity as chairperson of the newly established National Security Council (NSC). You have stated that the NSC is concerned with foreign organisations (for example, based in Afghanistan) that promote conflict and threaten British national security. We would draw your attention to an omission in your strategy, that is, organisations based in this country that promote conflict abroad and threaten the national security of another people. In an increasingly interdependent world, their activities should also be considered by the NSC as a potential threat to British national security.


We refer in particular to the JNF Charitable Trust, of which you are a patron. The JNF has a well-documented programme of expropriating land that belongs to Palestinian refugees, in violation of UN resolutions on the rights of refugees, who still have legal claim to their land under international law. Much of this ill-gotten land is provided to Jewish citizens and Jewish immigrants through preferential leasing arrangements. These arrangements are racially discriminatory against Arab citizens of Israel; moreover, the real owners of the land, living mostly in UN refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, have no access to their land and are denied the proceeds of JNF-leasing.


The JNF is complicit in violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention in relation to the destruction and razing to the ground of Palestinian villages. Funds raised from JNF charitable offices in this country, and other countries in Europe and North America, have been used to conceal these crimes through the development of parks upon the ruins of Palestinian villages. Needless to say, the displaced refugees from these villages have not been consulted on the recreational use of their land. A few of these refugees, who remain within the Green Line and are classified by the state as 'present absentees', may visit the parks and see what remains of their villages, but their land remains confiscated and under the control of the JNF according to Israeli law.


The JNF Charitable Trust continues to play a significant role in the ongoing displacement of the Arab and Bedouin residents in the Negev region. Funds raised from British donors, including reclaimed British taxes, are being used to establish exclusively Jewish settlements. In an effort to force Arab communities from their ancestral lands, their villages are classified as 'unrecognized' and under constant threat of demolition. The JNF works with Jewish settler groups and self-appointed local authorities that deny representation to the indigenous communities and limit the provision of social services, building permits and sanitation.


The displacement of the Palestinian people and the expropriation of their land are central to the grievance held by so many in the Arab and Muslim worlds towards Western foreign policy. The JNF is involved in these violations and it is precisely these violations that inflame anger and encourage acts of terrorism. In an increasingly interdependent world, we must apply a consistent standard towards the national security of another people as we apply to our own national security. By allowing the JNF to operate with impunity from this country, indeed with the support of the British Prime Minister, we clearly do not have a consistent standard.


We write to you as officers of various UK organisations involved in research and advocacy on Palestinian rights. We are available for consultation on the violations being committed by the JNF. We expect the NSC to seriously consider the impact of these violations on international relations, conflict and security.




Mortaza Sahibzada (JNF eBook Series)

Abe Hayeem (Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine)

Mary Nazzal-Batayneh (Palestine Legal Aid Fund)

Mick Napier (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Michael Kalmanovitz (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network)

Roland Rance (Jews Against Zionism)

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi (Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods)

Ghada Karmi (University of Exeter)

Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter)

Jonathan Rosenhead (London School of Economics)

Haim Bresheeth (University of East London)

Les Levidow (Open University)

Jenny Tonge (House of Lords)

Cc (by email):

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister

William Hague, Foreign Secretary

David Miliband, Shadow Foreign Secretary







15 May 2011


David Cameron

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA


Dear Prime Minister,


Open Letter: Criminal Activities of the Jewish National Fund (JNF)


You have not responded as promised to an earlier letter, which is reprinted for reference in section IV of the JNF eBook Vol 3 (www.jnfebook.net).


Please find attached our two-page BRITISH PARK FACTSHEET. This provides an example of war crimes committed against the Palestinian people in which the UK branch of the JNF is complicit. The JNF continues to engage in crimes.


We remind you that you remain a patron of this organisation. We advise your resignation as patron as a matter of urgency, in order that you are not further implicated in legal proceedings relating to JNF crimes.



Mortaza Sahibzada

On behalf of the Stop the JNF campaign www.stopthejnf.org